Abi's Natural Horsemanship




Includes: grazing, good quality hay, excellent water supply, daily care - changing rugs/covers/feeding if need be and checking on the general wellbeing of the horse/pony, 4-6 hours per week of rider/horse training or a combination of both in Natural Horsemanship and a record of the training done with your horse during their stay for you to take home.

$300 per week or $2,250 for 8 weeks.

Also available during their stay for an extra fee: hard feed, hoof care, dental care, saddle fitting, body work/chiropractor and worming.




 Leave your daily cares behind and live your passion with horses !!!

 I can offer you an in-depth experience of The Horse which includes:

A lesson in Natural Horsemanship explaining why horses tend do what they do, how we can stay safe around and on top of them as well as how to become their best friends.  A ride around local country roads.  A trek on the hills

 All the above will be over a 2 day period and goes like this –

 Day 1 – The morning will be spent at Abi’s Natural Horsemanship base on Court Road and we will have a lesson in Natural Horsemanship using the enclosed areas.  The lesson will include ground and ridden skills.  We will break for lunch which can be bought by you or provided by ABNH for an extra fee.  In the afternoon we start by doing a short review of the things learnt in the morning then go on a ride around the local country roads.
Day 2 – In the morning the horses or ponies will be transported by ABNH to a site on the Port hills, there is the option for riders to meet at the Court Road base or the venue on the hills.  We will stop for lunch (as per day one) somewhere with a view.  When we are ready to begin again we will continue our ride.
  There is the option to ride to the Raspberry Cafe for afternoon tea if the participants wish before ending the day.  At the end of the ride ABNH will transport the horses/ponies back to base.


$380 for the 2 days, excluding lunch, using ABNH horses or ponies.
$315 for the 2 days, excluding lunch, using your own horse or pony.

  *Discounts for 2 or more riders.

*  Please note that for the discount all riders using it must be on the same ride with the same dates.





Information on the following:  

Clinics for groups of 2 or more participants either at my place or yours, Pre-purchase assessments (behavioural not medical), Competing, Demonstrations, Gift Vouchers, purchasing authentic Natural Horsemanship equipment.and Working Students (for this you must be a NZ citizen, hold a valid residency/work/ or working holiday visa and be able to present it to me for inspection at any time).