Abi's Natural Horsemanship



All of the lessons are tailored as much as possible to the individual's goals with the emphasis being on progressing the rider and the horse or ponies abilities to whatever they would like to achieve.  This is easier for one on one lessons however in group situations we also aim for this to be the case too.  There is the chance to work towards Natural Horsemanship Certificates and be officially recognised for the efforts you put into it.  Sometimes for the lesson we head out for a road ride so that the riders can get a holistic approach to riding a horse or pony and all that it entails both in an enclosed area and more open environment. All of the lessons at Abi's Natural Horsemanship start with an element of ground work to them.

Ideally you need to wear long comfortable trousers (some people find jeans can pinch when riding), heeled footwear (both of which you don't mind getting dirty) and warm clothing if it is the colder months in the year.  We provide riding helmets, some spare clothes and footwear.  For kids it is useful to have a full drink bottle handy particularly in hot weather. 


Introductory lesson

This is where everyone starts off and gives you an idea of what we are about as well as an introduction to Natural Horsemanship.  The lesson consists of teaching on how the horse herd works and how this relates to us, the different things to look for in a thinking/listening/learning horse or pony versus an angry/frustrated/confused horse or pony that is reacting on instinct, how to lead your horse safely and the reasons why we do it this way, some of the basic ground games as well as ridden basics (if you wish to ride and are under the maximum weight limit).

Costs = $40 per person for a group from 2 people up to a maximum of 5 or $60 for a one on one lesson.

Allow 2 hours for registration as well as the lesson time and a chat afterwards about how it went for you.

Discount for siblings who are under 16 years old if they are coming at the same time on the same day.

Please note that the prices above are for using horses/ponies from my herd.  Please refer to the own horse/pony bit further on for pricing if using your own equine friend.


Follow on lessons

In these we continue the journey of discovery using more ground games to extend our skills and add more 'tools' into our tool box.  We also extend the ridden basics to include more advanced moves and work through the faster paces i.e. trot, canter as well as jumping.  As you progress then there is the prospect of learning to do the ground and ridden games at liberty with nothing on your horses or ponies head and just the trust, respect and relationship you have with them working as a team.  For advanced riders learn how to create a frame where the horse/pony can use their bodies to their full potential while being calm, collected and relaxed without the need for force.

For these there are 2 choices for payment either a casual rate or package deal.  The casual rate is where you pay for each lesson as you have them and the package deal is where you recieve a discount for pre-paying for 5 or more lessons at once.  I will put the package deal conditions below:

Package deals must be paid for in full before or on the first lesson, failure to do this will result in paying the casual rate.

Lessons purchased will expire after 3 months.  The start date will be from your first session.

      These deals are non-refundable however you can change the horse/pony you use during the 'package'.  Extensions will be considered if an unforeseen event occurs. 

Please ask for a template to record the sessions used and expiry date if you would like to have something tangible to document this.

Casual rate:  $75 per person for a group (2 to 5 riders) or $100 for a one on one.

Package deal: 5 x 1.5 hour group lessons for $300 per person or $425 for 5 x 1.5 hour individual lesson.

There is the option to be involved in the pre and/or post care of the horse/pony used for the lesson where possible so if you would like to do this add an extra half to three quarters of an hour onto the 'lesson' time.

Discount for siblings who are under 16 years old if they are coming at the same time on the same day for both casual and package deals.

Please note that the prices above are for using horses/ponies from my herd.  Please refer to the own horse/pony bit further on for pricing with their own equine friend.




For those who want to own a horse or have a young person who would like to 'own' a horse then this could be an option for you.  If you do not have the time or want the responsibility then why not adopt one of mine for a weekly fee.  How it works is that you contribute weekly to the cost of their upkeep at ABNH.  Make a payment of $25 per week (must be by automatic payment) and put it in the general fund or chose your ‘favourite’.  By doing this it entitles you to an hour and a half group lesson for $25 at anytime and if naming a horse/pony priority use of the horse/pony you have nominated whenever you book for something.  For individual lessons then it will be $50 per lesson.  If you are sponsoring more than one horse/pony then there is a discount of $5 per horse/pony as well as per lesson.  Discounts on other services provided too – ask Abi about this.




For those with their own four legged friend then I realise there can be costs to owning a horse such as food, grazing, hoof trims/shoeing, etc, so the prices below are different to the ones above to take those costs into account.

There is the option for me to travel to your paddock or for you to come to my base at Court Road.  Please be aware if choosing the mobile option then there is a 75c per km mileage charge (based on my travel to and from Lincoln) on top of the lesson/training cost itself.  Mileage charge can be split between the number of participants so long as lessons are based at the same paddock or all within 10 kms of the initial start point.

The prices below are for the casual rate.

Group lessons on individual horses/ponies (2-5 riders)

1 hour lessons - $35 per person
1 and a half hour lesson - $45 per person
2 hour lessons - $55 per person

 Individual private lessons

1 hour lessons  - $55
1 and a half hour lessons - $70
2 hour lessons - $85

Now for the package deals.

Group lessons

5 x 1 hour lesson = $150 per person
5 x 1.5 hour lesson = $200 per person
5 x 2 hour lesson = $250 per person

Individual private lessons

5 x 1 hour lesson = $250
5 x 1.5 hour lesson = $350
5 x 2 hour lesson = $400


Family discounts available and if you would like to purchase a package deal the same conditions apply as per use of my herd but all the mileage can be paid for up front or on each visit.




Includes: grazing, good quality hay, excellent water supply, daily care - changing rugs/covers/feeding if need be and checking on the general wellbeing of the horse/pony, 4-6 hours per week of rider/horse training or a combination of both in Natural Horsemanship and a record of the training done with your horse during their stay for you to take home.

$300 per week or $2,250 for 8 weeks.

Also available during their stay for an extra fee: hard feed, hoof care, dental care, saddle fitting, body work/chiropractor and worming.




I can provide a fun, safe, educational activity where your young rider will learn how to prepare their pony or horse for riding, receive tuition in Natural Horsemanship techniques, have the opportunity to ride in an enclosed area and make a new best friend in the equine or human form.  This will also enable participants to practice their leadership skills, build confidence in themselves and what they can do as well as gain knowledge about the responsibility of caring for an animal.

There is the chance to use a horse/pony of mine for this or take part with your own four legged friend.


Half day programme consists of teaching in horse care plus a lesson in Natural Horsemanship in the arena.    

Length: About 3 hours of horse/pony contact time.

Full and 2 day programme consists of teaching in horse care plus a lesson in Natural Horsemanship and a road ride around the local roads.  

Length: Minimum of 6 hours horse/pony contact time per day.

Camp overnight at the paddocks when doing the multi day holiday programmes 

You will need to provide a tent, bedding, lunches for both days and anything else required for yourself during the overnight stay.  Breakfast will be provided (if  you have special dietary requirements then please bring this with you). Dinner will be takeaways so ensure you have money for that.  There is an age limit on this activity, unless the parent/caregiver is prepared to stay overnight.  The participant must be able to take responsibility for themselves, to listen to instructions and be self sufficient to take part un-accompanied.


Half day = $60 using ABNH horses/ponies or $50 if using your own

1 day = $100 using ABNH horses/ponies or $80 if using your own
1 and a half days = $140 using ABNH horses/ponies or $110 if using your own

2 days = $180 using ABNH horses/ponies or $140 if using your own

With the overnight stay add on $30 to the cost of the one and a half or two day holiday programme

*  Please note the following:

Payment must be made in full at the start of the first session/day.

These prices are based on a minimum of 2 riders.  

There is also the option to run these for individuals for an extra fee.              

Discounts if more than one sibling is taking part at the same time.   




 Leave your daily cares behind and live your passion with horses !!!

 I can offer you an in-depth experience of The Horse which includes:

A lesson in Natural Horsemanship explaining why horses tend do what they do, how we can stay safe around and on top of them as well as how to become their best friends.  A ride around local country roads.  A trek on the hills

 All the above will be over a 2 day period and goes like this –

 Day 1 – The morning will be spent at Abi’s Natural Horsemanship base on Court Road and we will have a lesson in Natural Horsemanship using the enclosed areas.  The lesson will include ground and ridden skills.  We will break for lunch which can be bought by you or provided by ABNH for an extra fee.  In the afternoon we start by doing a short review of the things learnt in the morning then go on a ride around the local country roads.
Day 2 – In the morning the horses or ponies will be transported by ABNH to a site on the Port hills, there is the option for riders to meet at the Court Road base or the venue on the hills.  We will stop for lunch (as per day one) somewhere with a view.  When we are ready to begin again we will continue our ride.  At the end of the ride ABNH will transport the horses/ponies back to base.


$380 for the 2 days, excluding lunch, using ABNH horses or ponies.
$315 for the 2 days, excluding lunch, using your own horse or pony.

  *Discounts for 2 or more riders.

*  Please note that for the discount all riders using it must be on the same ride with the same dates.




Ideal for young riders that do not have the concentration span for a full introductory lesson or anyone of any age to get the feel of sitting on a horse/pony while it is moving.

$30 per person for half an hour to 45 minute ride on individual horses/ponies.

 Discounts for multiple riders but they must be on the same ride on the same day at the same time.



Information on the following:  

Clinics for groups of 2 or more participants either at my place or yours, Pre-purchase assessments (behavioural not medical), Competing, Demonstrations, Gift Vouchers, purchasing authentic Natural Horsemanship equipment.and Working Students (for this you must be a NZ citizen, hold a valid residency/work/ or working holiday visa and be able to present it to me for inspection at any time).