Abi's Natural Horsemanship



We can offer you the chance to work alongside us learning and observing Natural Horsemanship in action !!!

This is for those who would like to learn about horses/ponies whether they have had experience with them before or not. You will gain skills in horse care, paddock maintenance and management, feeding, teaching (initially dependent on your experience level) and much more. There is the chance to enhance your communication and personal skills i.e. decision making, confidence, working in a team as well as on your own, etc.

At our discretion a lesson or ride may be added in from time to time as a thank you for your efforts.

The reasons for helping can be many and varied. The reason is not important and we just really appreciate the extra hands whenever you would like to get involved whether it is for a short period of time, long term or anything in between.  As they say many hands make light work and this is definitely true at ABNH, there is always something to do !!



What are the benefits?


Gain a deeper understanding of The Horse from their wild ancestors through to the domestic lives we ask them to live now.

Explore an alternative to the traditional method of training/riding.

Discover how to build a relationship with our four legged equine friends using trust, respect and partnership where it is their choice to be with you, not necessarily because you are physically attached to them.

Add to your skill level in lots of different ways, great for your CV !!

Meet new people; make new friends in the human and equine form.

You choose the hours and days you would like to come.

Be in a quiet country environment with open space and fresh air.



Please note:  You must be a NZ citizen or hold a current valid visa such as permanent residency or working holiday to be eligible for this. It must be available for inspection at any time.


Please contact us to find out more.