Abi's Natural Horsemanship

Welcome to Abi's Natural Horsemanship and Riding School

We are located in Canterbury as part of the Selwyn District, around 5 km from the Lincoln as well as Tai Tapu townships and roughly 30 mins drive or 20 kms from Central Christchurch.

Horse whispering in action with a chance to learn all about it with an experienced person guiding you !!!

We have a team of horses and ponies of different ages, heights as well as personalities that can cater for a variety of experience levels from those with no experience at all to those who are more experienced around our equine friends.  Our lessons involve teaching on safety, ground as well as ridden skills with an emphasis placed on the safety of others and ourselves particularly when in a group situation.  You are welcome to use one of mine or bring your own, also for those with their own equine friend then I have a mobile option where I can come to you (if using this then a mileage fee applies).

You do not have to ride if you do not want to and we do have a rider weight limit of 90 kgs.  If either is the case for you there is lots to learn on the ground and it will give you a chance to deepen the knowledge of the ground games as well as increase your horse handling skills. 

There are many personal benefits with this method of being around them some of which are increased decision making skills, confidence and building a partnership which is beneficial to both parties i.e. the horse and you.

Lessons as well as horse training make up the bulk of what we do however there are more options on offer such as the Journey to the Hills Adventure, Added Value Livery (Short term), Sponsor a Horse/Pony, School Holiday Programmes and more to choose from. 

Please see the Services page for more info.



I (Abi Ricketts) am the owner and main instructor at Abi's Natural Horsemanship and have over 30 years experience with horses and ponies both on the ground and on their backs.  I have competed on my own as well as other people's horses/ponies, ridden in riding schools in England also in New Zealand (traditional style of English riding) and helped to break in a pony at the English riding school I attended.  Around 14 years ago I discovered Natural Horsemanship and learnt there was a huge amount of opportunity to extend my knowledge and skills in a different way taking a look at life from a horses/ponies of view in turn gaining a deeper understanding of the equine world in its natural form and how we can relate it to the domestic lives we ask them to live.  I have found in doing this it has been a way of being, as well as communicating,  with them that enhances respect, safety and leadership from both the human and the animal enabling a fun filling long lasting partnership to occur.

I have National Certificates in Horse Trek Guiding (Level 3), Animal Care as well as Veterinary Nursing.  I also hold Australian Natural Horsemanship (ANH) Certificate 1 and 2 and Parelli Natural Horsemanship (PNH) Level 1.






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If coming off Barnes Road

Head down Court Road then park before the road/bridge closed sign.  Walk over the bridge.  Continue down Court Road for roughly 160 meters.  Come through the second metal gate on your right and you are at Abi's Natural Horsemanship.


If coming off Raineys Road (this road is a little bumpier but you can drive right in)

Head down Court Road past the dog leg and continue past the first metal gate on your left.  Head in through the second metal gate on your left and you are at Abi's Natural Horsemanship.

When you arrive please come through the wooden gate towards the sheds.



I look forward to meeting you and enhancing your experience of horses and ponies.