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Some of you may of known Connie.  A sweet and gentle roughly 12 hand Conemara pony who was a part of the team for around 3 years.  I knew her from my work at Kate Tapley Horse Treks or more specifically Otahuna Horse Riding in Tai Tapu so I personally knew her for around 10 years.  She was a sensitive little girl who was very loving, cute and great to have around.  She had several lumps and bumps due cancer making itself know on various parts of her body as well as Cushings diesease which meant she grew a very long winter coat earning her various nick names such as powder puff, polar bear, little fluff among others.  She passed away peacefully in the paddock on the 13th September 2017.  Rest in peace little one and thank you for being a part of the ABNH team.