Abi's Natural Horsemanship



Have you ever wanted to try your hand at this either in hand or ridden?

Do you want someone to do the handling and/or riding on your behalf at a competition?


There are lots of different shows/events around which include dressage, show jumping, eventing, cowboy challenge among others.  

We can handle and/or ride your horse so you can enjoy being at a competition without the anxiety or stress of being the competitor.  Another option is to take the plunge and be the competitor yourself with us guiding you through the process.

There is the option to do this with your own equine companion or use one of ours (you must be a sponsor or regular rider with us to be able to do this).


Costs: $185 per half day or $320 for a full day.

Additional:  $1.10 per km mileage fee based on travel to/from Lincoln to the event location or your paddock if traveling with you to the event (which is fine with us).  GST is included in the mileage fee.


*  This can be split between multiple people if it is the same show/event

* If doing this with one of our equine friends then there maybe extra costs on top of the stated amount such as entry fees (unless you would like to pay these directly to the appropriate person running the actual show/event yourself), float hire, etc.