Abi's Natural Horsemanship

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to have my own pony or horse to take part in what we do?

No. You are welcome to use someone from our team or use your own. If using your own horse/pony you are welcome to come to our base on Court Road or we have a mobile option where I can come to you (if using this then a mileage fee applies).


Do I need to have had experience with horses/ponies to be involved?

No. We welcome anyone who wants to investigate 'The Horse' either through our volunteer programme or the other options on offer. Our team of horses/ponies are different ages, heights as well as personalities and can cater for a variety of experience levels from those with no experience at all to those who have more experienced around horses and ponies.


Is there a weight limit for riding and if yes then what is it?

No there is not but please advise us of your weight when booking.


Do I have to ride?

No not necessarily. If you just want to build up your confidence on the ground first there is plenty to learn. There are many benefits to spending time on ground including increased horse handling skills, deepening the knowledge of the ground games and increased self-esteem. For those that would like to progress to riding at any stage we will only do this when you are feeling comfortable and ready for it. 


How many in group lessons?

The minimum number is 2 with the maximum being 5.


Do I need to stay with my child during the lesson?

Not necessarily that is over to you and the young rider.


Is there a minimum age for lessons?

We suggest that young riders are at least 5 years old for lessons although the parent usually knows the concentration span and stamina of the young rider better than us so this only a recommendation. Lead rides can be any age so long as the person is able to sit up. Lead rides can be combined with a lesson and will be charged at the lesson rate not lead ride price. 


What do I need to wear/bring?

Ideally you need to wear long comfortable trousers (some people find jeans can pinch when riding), footwear that covers your toes/foot preferably with a heel but not essential (both of which you don't mind getting dirty) and warm/waterproof clothing particularly if it is the colder more unsettled months of the year. A full drink bottle in the warmer months is handy to have with you too. There is drinkable water at the paddocks if your bottle needs refilling.


Can I compete?

If you would like to do this then it is a possibility, dependent on other bookings. Please let us know if you would be interested in this and refer to the Competing page under The options heading.

Please note: Any fees incurred will be on top of lesson prices and to be paid by the participant. 


What payment options are available?

Cash or internet banking is best. For internet banking please contact us for the details.  We do not have EFTPOS. 


What happens in wet weather?

You need to get in touch with us by text or giving us a call, using the mobile number provided, to see what the weather is doing at our base on Court Road and if planned sessions are going ahead. If the ground conditions are unsuitable to ride in the arena/paddocks then we head out on a road ride. If the weather is unsafe to ride then the lesson will be postponed.


What is the best way to get hold of us?

Head to the contacts page and either give us a call, text or e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



It is your responsibility to let us know if you would like to cancel or change any bookings you have made at least 24 hours before the start time. If you make a booking and cancel within 24 hours of this or fail to turn up then the full amount will be charged. Exceptions are unforeseen circumstances such as bereavement, illness, mechanical breakdown or dangerous weather. Please note that a text or phone call to the mobile number is required if it is the day of the booking.