Abi's Natural Horsemanship


We have been very happy to have found Abi to train our horses for us! She is very competent with horsemanship, and has been able to very quickly, diligently and professionally start two of our youngsters. She is also working with two of our other horses that need further education.

Abi observes and judges the horses' behaviours very well to aid in their response to her teaching. She is also very patient in assisting people who have been here to handle and ride the horses for themselves. Abi has a geat deal of integrity and endeavours to see the process through to the finish.

Marti Winn
Winnfarms Spanish Stud
Greenpark, Christchurch



We are thrilled with the progress Abi has made with our 3 year old filly since taking over her education.  The filly had basic leading, tying, etc, but in a very short time has mastered the natural horsemanship games and has been backed.  Abi exhibits a high level of skills and complete understanding of the natural horsemanship principles.  We made the right decision in choosing Abi to start our filly.

Kathy Barrett, West Melton


My young horse was misbehaving with the farrier and when picking his feet out. After only 2 sessions with Abi he is now fine and the farrier remarked that he was delighted to be able to call him a "good boy". Abi is breaking him in and is now riding him on the road - always with a smile on her face.

Rebecca Warren, Greenpark



You are very flexible regarding lesson dates and times due to weather, holidays, etc.  Fabulous tuition.  Horses are so well looked after and suitable for a range of ability levels.  Girls are able to be involved in all aspects of equine care and gain a lot of knowledge.  Great that the girls can be part of a riding group for social reasons.  They get fabulus extra opportunities e.g Santa Parade.  The location is beautiful and a safe area as well as being not far from the city.

Carmel Hooper, Christchurch



I would recommend the relaxed atmosphere, friendly and not rushed also good for road rides.  The ground work as well as the understanding horses/education about them and the outings to Pony Club grounds and other locations.

Brett Williams, Lincoln



I have seen huge progress in both my horses since I began having lessons with Abi. I am much more confident with my somewhat stubborn 9 year old and have even started some liberty work with him which is great fun. She also helped to get me riding my 5yo ex racehorse. I had struggled with getting him to stand still while mounting and after literally 20 minutes of help from Abi in a lesson he was completely calm with me jumping on and off him and I haven’t had the problem since. My mum has even decided to join in and have a few lessons to help her get back into riding after not being on a horse for many years! Abi's lesson prices are affordable and well worth their price. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to advance their horsemanship skills and I look forward to learning more from her in the future.

Laura Williamson (and Patrick and Taylor), Ladbrooks


The horses/ponies are very well cared for and respected.  The Natural Horsemanship you teach is amazing.  I love watching the horses respond to you and see what is possible.  They are so well trained and responsible - amazing.  I love the fact that I can help to get the horses ready and look after them.  The option of sponsorship and $25 group lesson make it feasible for me financially.  I could never afford to have my own horse so this is just perfect for me.  The length of lessons are incredibly generous.  I enjoy riding with the mix of adults and kids - it feels reallly natural, like families are always supposed to ride together.  I enjoy watching the girls become more confident and I learn from them too !  The variety of lessons - in the saddle, without a saddle, one rein riding, liberty, riding around the block(s) - that's really cool, and I enjoy it when you spring a suprise on us !  Cantering in the round pen without a saddle/bridle is still an absolute highlight.

Katie, Christchurch



I like the fact that you can do the sponsor thing and do different things like shows, road rides, jumping, etc.  I love how we can also just do what we want to sometimes and come up with our own plan for the session.  The horses are very calm and they are all very different.

Ella, Lincoln



I have ridden for maybe 10 years before finding Abi, since then I have had more enlightening 'light bulb' moments than the entire 10 years in total!! She has even helped me to make sense of past experiences both good and bad. Abi is guaranteed to come up with challenges that will both baffle and impress you. She also has a fantastic way of helping you to take an issue apart then piece it back together until you and your partner achieve the goal. Abi is very supportive and a great laugh too! With Abi its more than just a horse riding lesson. Guaranteed to leave with a grin on your face every time!

Emma McHale, UK


Thanks for the encouragement, it makes such a difference when the lessons are enjoyable and challenging, I’ve had a couple of lessons in Australia and they were a waste of time, so I’m definitely making the most of your teaching

Becky Armstrong, Lincoln


I got more out of this than any previous clincs/tuition I have had with horses.  Value for money, competitent, flexible with what you teach and good with kids.

Kate Wardle, Alexandra, Otago

Just wanted to let you know Darcy is going brilliantly. Him and my niece didn't click, she was rushing him too much I think, so I've taken over riding him and can't fault him. We've had him at pony club twice and he's just taken it all in his stride. If anyone wants a recommendation for starting their horse I will definitely recommend you. 

Sandra Foster, Leeston