Abi's Natural Horsemanship



Do you have the time and commitment to own a horse or pony? 

Do you have land to keep them on? 

Do you have a young rider who is desperate to have a pony of their own?  

Let us take care of all this and more for you.



 Key benefits include:

Daily care 

We sort out the supplies such as feed, hay, rug repairs, etc.

We organise the hoof trims, dental care and other 'health' appointments for your four legged friend and handle them when it is done.

No outlay for purchase of a horse/pony and all the 'equipment' needed for them also the selling side if you no longer wish to continue to own one

No 'ownership' responsibilities attached

The chance to experiment with the commitment of having one, especially for younger riders.

Grazing is already organised

Guarantee your 'favourite' each time you come to us



How does it work?

You contribute weekly to the cost of your 'favourite' horse or ponies upkeep at Abi's Natural Horsemanship and Riding School by making an automatic payment of $30. If naming a specific four legged friend then you have priority use of that one whenever you book anything alternatively you are welcome to make a general contribution to the whole herd. When booking for an hour and a half lesson at any time then it is $30 for a group and $55 for an individual (on top of the weekly sponsor amount).

Discounts on other services when becoming a sponsor such as holiday programmes and outings.

Want to sponsor but have more than one family member who wants to do it? Discounts on sponsorship fee, lessons, etc, if sponsoring more than one horse/pony.

There is no minimum or maximum sign up period to sponsor our team members.