Abi's Natural Horsemanship



For people with their own horses or ponies our goal is to help you connect in your partnership so you can be the best you can be individually as well as together, learn from each other and have a long lasting enjoyable partnership in everything you do.  There is the option for you to be as involved as you would like to be in your horse or ponies training/lesson either spectating or handling. These sessions can be for any age horse/pony at any stage of their life's journey inclusive of starting/backing horses or ponies and for the human it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or more experienced around them every level is catered for.

Also see the livery section on The Options drop down menu for other choices we can provide when training your horse or pony.

We can come to your place or you come to us. 

Please note: If we travel to you an additional $1.10 per km mileage fee based on my travel to and from Lincoln is applied.  This amount is GST inclusive.

There are 2 options for these sessions which are group (2-5 participants) or individual.



There are 2 options for payment which are casual rate or package deals for both group and individual lessons. For the casual rate then you pay each time you have a session and for the package deals then you pay for multiple lessons all at once. There are some conditions for the package deals which I will put below.

1)  Package deals must be paid for in full before or on the first lesson, failure to do this will result in paying the casual rate.

2)  Lessons purchased will expire after 3 months. The start date will be from your first session.

3)  These deals are non-refundable however you can change the horse/pony you use during the 'package'. Extensions will be considered if an unforeseen event occurs.

4)  All the mileage can be paid for up front with the lesson/training fee or per visit.  


Casual rate - Group (2 or more participants with individual horses/ponies)

1 hour - $60 per person

1 and a half hour - $80 per person

2 hours - $100 per person


Casual rate - Individual

1 hour - $70

1 and a half hour - $90

2 hours - $110


Package deals - Group (2 or more participants with individual horses/ponies)

5 x 1 hour sessions = $230 per person

5 x 1 and a half hour sessions = $315 per person

5 x 2 hour sessions = $400 per person


Package deals - Individual

5 x 1 hour sessions = $290

5 x 1 and a half hour sessions = $375

5 x 2 hour sessions = $460


*  Discounts if multiple family members take part in lessons or horse training and ideally take part in the same session on the same day at the same time.

*  If purchasing either of the group options then the total mileage cost can be split between the number of participants