Abi's Natural Horsemanship



All of the lessons are tailored as much as possible to the individual's goals with the emphasis being on progressing the rider, as well as the horse or pony, to their own abilities and are recommended for participants aged from 5 years old upwards.

There are options to work towards recognized Natural Horsemanship Certificates. 

All of our lessons start with an element of ground work and begin in the arena. When the rider shows they can control their horse/pony there is the option to experiment outside of it. Sometimes we head out for a road ride around our neighbourhood which enables the rider to put their skills learnt to the test in a different environment.

We can provide riding helmets, some spare clothes and limited footwear.



Introductory lesson 

This lesson you will start to learn how a horse herd works, how this relates to us and start to build a positive relationship with The Horse. You will learn how to be safer around your horse and the herd, learn the basic ground games and there is an opportunity to ride towards the end of the lesson.

Usually we will get the horse/pony ready for you however you are welcome to get involved with this if you choose to. Please note that this will incur extra cost and will lengthen the session.

This is a compulsory lesson for all newcomers. This enables us to assess the best fit for your next lesson and chosen horse.

Allow 2 hours for this lesson.

Costs: $45 per person for a group lesson up to a maximum of 5 riders. $70 for a one on one lesson.

We offer discounts for multiple family members who would like to take part in the same lesson, at the same time on the same day.



Follow on lessons 

We continue the journey of discovery using more ground games to extend our skills and add more 'tools' into our tool box. Which can be transferred into the saddle if wishing to ride.

Allow 1.5 hours for this lesson.

There is the option to be involved in the pre/post care of your four legged friend. If you would like to do this add an additional hour to 1 and a quarter onto the 'lesson' time.

All levels are catered for from Beginners to Advanced riders.

For more information on the specific lessons please refer to the “What do we do page” on our website or contact us directly.



There are several choices for payment which are Sponsor a horse/pony, Package deal, or Casual rate.

For more on Sponsorship please refer to the drop down menu under The Options heading and click on Sponsor one of our team members. 

Package deal: 5 x 1.5 hour group lessons for $350 per person or $490 for 5 x 1.5 hour individual lessons.

Casual rate (pay as you go): $105 per person for a group (2 to 5 riders) or $135 for an individual.


Conditions for Package deals:

1) Must be paid for in full before or on the first lesson. Failure to do this will result in paying the casual rate.

2) Lessons purchased expire after 3 months; the start date will be from your first lesson.

3) These deals are non-refundable however you can change the horse/pony you use during the 'package'. Extensions will be considered if an unforeseen event occurs. 



We offer discounts for multiple family members for both the package deal and casual rate who ideally would like to take part in the same lesson, at the same time on the same day.

A lesson can include the lead ride element i.e. starting with ground games in the arena and finishing with a ride down the road and will be charged at the 1.5 hour lesson rate not the lead ride rate.