Abi's Natural Horsemanship



This is where your horse or pony stays at our base for a time period that is chosen by you.  If you would like us to further your horse or ponies education but do not want to incur the mileage costs of travel to your paddock this may be an alternative option.  We are unable to accept stallions or colts at our base however we are more than happy to come to your paddocks for training of these four legged friends - please refer to lessons or horse training using your own 4 legged friend in the drop down menu for more information.


Cost: $300 per week or $2,250 for 8 weeks


The fee includes:


Good quality hay

Excellent water supply

 Daily care including changing rugs/covers/feeding if need be and checking on the general wellbeing of the horse/pony

 An individual programme of training for the rider and/or your equine friend, using Natural Horsemanship techniques.

A record of the training done with your horse during their stay for you to take home

Also available during their stay for an extra fee: hard feed, hoof/dental care, saddle fitting, chiropractor/body work and worming.