Abi's Natural Horsemanship



This is ideal for young riders who do not have the concentration span for a full one and a half hour lesson or anyone of any age to get the feel of sitting on a horse/pony while it is moving.  

The ride is for 30-45 minutes and is down a quiet country lane with the option to walk between some trees and over a bridge if the rider would like to try this.



$30 per person on individual horse/ponies.

We offer discounts for parents as well as siblings, up to 16 years old, and to riders who are from the same organisation.  Please note all riders must be on the same ride at the same time.

The horse or pony used can be shared between multiple people and if this is the case then it is $30 per horse/pony 'hired' in the 30-45 minute time frame when based at Court Road.  Off-site visits can be arranged but a travel fee will be incured.

Lead rides can be incorporated into a more structured lesson however this will be charged at the lesson rate.

Usually we will get the horse/pony ready for you however you are welcome to get involved with this if you choose to. Please note that this will incur extra cost and will lengthen the session.