Abi's Natural Horsemanship



Does your horse or pony see the float as a threat?  

Do you have trouble loading them?

Would you like to feel safer when doing this?

Would you like The Horse to load themselves without you needing to do a thing?


 Horses and ponies are claustrophobic panicaholics who like open spaces because it keeps them a lot safer. In open spaces they can see what is happening around them, turn to see what is coming towards/behind them and generally keep themselves out of potentially life threatening situations. Floats to them can be like moving caves which have no quick exit routes, have the probable outcome of ending their life as well as ending up at a ‘foreign’ destination far from their ‘safe area’ i.e. their home paddock.


We can help you form a partnership with your four legged friend so they are not just physically in the float but also mentally and emotionally ready to see it as a safe comfortable place, forming a happier traveling experience for both the human and The Horse. 


Dependent on where your horse is at it could take more than one session for your horse/pony to be completely happy with this aspect of domestic life.


For costs please go to The Options page and click on the lessons/horse training using your own 4 legged friend part of the drop down menu.  

I can also provide a double horse float with a towing vehicle for this aspect of training for an additional $20 per session.